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BAY CITY FOREVER is rated PG-14 for an occasional mild expletive.
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(Steven and Kirkland walk into the courtroom. Steven walks up to Jamie. Kirkland walks up to Judge ) JAMIE: (angry whisper) What are you doing here?

STEVEN: I'm sorry, Dad, but Kirkland said if I didn't bring him, he'd come by himself.

JUDGE: What are you doing here, young man?

KIRKLAND: Why shouldn't I be here? I'm the one you're all talking about.

CASS: Kirkland

KIRKLAND: I'm the one whose future you're deciding. Well, don't I get a say in my own life?

CASS: Kirkland

KIRKLAND: It's not like I'm some naive little kid. I know my father did some bad things, but...

STEVEN: (yells) Some bad things? He--

JUDGE: Be quiet, young man. This is a courtroom, not a basketball court.

STEVEN: I'm sorry, Your Honor, but I want my brother to know what kind of a man Grant is.

GRANT: No, young man, you want him to know your opinion of me.

STEVEN: Not really. I wouldn't use such language in front of him.

KIRKLAND: Will you please let me talk?

GRANT: I, for one, would really like to hear what my son has to say.

JUDGE: Very well. (to Kirkland) You may speak.

KIRKLAND: Thank you, Your Honor. Okay, this is what I want to say. For years, I thought my father was dead. (Looking at Jamie accusingly) You're the one who let me keep thinking that. You burned the letters he sent me! I didn't even know about the letters until my fatehr told me about them.

JUDGE: Hmm. Please go on, young man.

KIRKLAND: And ever since we got back to Bay City, everyone's been keeping me away from my father.

GRANT: My son is right. We haven't even been allowed supervised visits.

STEVEN: (sarcastically) I wonder why!

JUDGE: Young man, do not disrupt us again. Is that clear?

STEVEN: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Good. (to Kirkland) Go on, please.

KIRKLAND: Like I said, I know my father did some bad things, but he never did anything bad to me personally.

JAMIE: Kirkland, it's time you knew something.

JUDGE: Dr. Frame, please don't interrupt.

GRANT: No, I'd like to hear what the good doctor has to say. Let's get all our cards on the table.

JUDGE: Very well. You may proceed, Dr. Frame.

JAMIE: (addressing Kirkland) Son, this may be a bit hard for you to take.

KIRKLAND: I can handle it.

JAMIE: Kirkland, when you were a baby, Grant shot himself and made it look as if your mother had done it!

KIRKLAND: I don't believe you! You're just making it up, just like you let me think my father was dead.

STEVEN: He DID shoot himself, and as for US letting you think he was dead, Grant did that first when he faked his own death.