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BAY CITY FOREVER is rated TV-14 for an occasional mild expletive.


This episode takes place on December 6th, 2002, one week after the previous episode.


(The scene is Cass Winthrop's law office. Cass and Felicia are inside, talking.)

FELICIA: I just don't understand this Adele du Lac. We responded to her letter immediately...

CASS: (finishing sentence) And we haven't heard a thing from her. Well, the mail can be slow sometimes. Hence the term, "Snail mail.

FELICIA: What I want to know is, if she really does have an online writing journal, why haven't we been able to find anything remotely resembling my novel online?

CASS: Either she has deleted the journal, or it never existed in the first place.

FELICIA: Or she didn't write it under the name Adele du Lac.

CASS: Then again, she could be accusing you of plagiarism as a publicity stunt. People sometimes do strange things for publicity.

FELICIA: Well, that's certainly true. I remember when Josie was starting out as a model, she pretended that she was being stalked by an obsessed fan.

CASS: I remember that. I also remember how she used you in her little scheme. And now she's a cop.

FELICIA: Yes, but she still seems to have a streak of mischief in her. Look what she did to Grant.

CASS: Personally, I think she should have gotten a medal, but I guess Joe had to discipline her.

FELICIA: You have to admire him for that, when you think of how much he despises Grant.

CASS: And how fond he is of Josie.

(Phone rings; Cass lifts receiver.)


(The scene shifts to the front porch of the Carlino home. Paulina and Josie are seated on bench, talking.)

JOSIE: I really hate being suspended.

PAULINA: Well, you know, Joe hates having to discipline you, especially since he understands why you did what you did.

JOSIE: He does?

PAULINA: Of course he does. You did it to get even with Grant for what he did to us.

JOSIE: But it was still wrong. Joe helped me to see that. That's why I've tried not to complain about being grounded like an adolescent. I'm just glad he doesn't lock me in.

PAULINA: Of course he doesn't. Joe trusts you to stay in your room without having to be locked in

JOSIE: It makes me feel a lot better to know that.

PAULINA: (looking at her watch)Well,it's time for you to go back to your room, and then I have to go pick Dante up.

(Josie and Paulina get up and go inside.)

JOSIE: (taking off her coat and hanging it up) Dante really likes first grade, doesn't he?

PAULINA: He loves it. Most of his friends from kindergarten ended up in the same class.

JOSIE: Does he have a best friend?

PAULINA: Yes, a little girl named Bonnie Bennet.

JOSIE: (sighs) Well, I guess I'd better go upstairs.

PAULINA: And I'd better go pick up Dante.

(Paulina goes out; Josie goes upstairs.


(The scene shifts to the living room of the Cory-Hutchins mansion. Carl and Rachel are on the sofa. The aria "Un Bel Di", from MADAME BUTTERFLY, is playing.)

CARL: What do you think we ought to do about Adele du Lac's accusations against Felicia?

RACHEL: Cass is handling everything.

CARL: Yes, on the legal end. But should we withdraw "Count On Love" from circulation until this matter is resolved?

RACHEL: (firmly) Absolutely not. Felicia is not only one of our best-selling authors,she is also a dear longtime friend, and withdrawing the book from circulation would make it seem as if we were not behind her in this matter.

CARL: Yes, you're right.

RACHEL: Of course I'm right. Besides, if withdrawing the book from circulation would help in any way, I'm sure Cass would have advised us to do so.

SCENE FOUR: CLOSING SCENE (The scene shifts to CARLINO'S. Joe is on the phone.)

JOE: It's so good to hear your voice. (Pause.) Why, what happened? (Pause.) I'm sorry things didn't work out for you. (Pause.) Well, why don't you come back here? (Pause.) Of course I'd like to have you back. (Pause.) Good. I'll see you then. Listen...