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I don't use SORASing. Children and teenagers are four years older than they were when ANOTHER WORLD went off the air.

Although I've been writing for years, this is:
1: My first attempt at fan fiction.
2: My first continuation of someone else's work, not counting an assignment, years ago, to write an ending for THE LADY, OR THE TIGER?
3: My first really long-term writing.
I therefore reserve the right to edit this feature. :)

Fair warning.. italics may be old fashioned, but I love them!

I don't use descriptions unless they are somehow important to the storyline.

Pacing will vary; one day may last for several episodes, and then again, one episode may cover several days. I will also, if I deem it best, skip several days altogether... an online way of fast forwarding! LOL!


(The word PROLOGUE appears on-screen.)

FEMALE VOICE-OVER: Welcome to BAY CITY FOREVER. Our story begins on November 29th, 2002. Since June 25th, 1999, which was the last time we saw the citizens of Bay City, there have been several changes in their lives, including, sadly, the deaths of Vicky and Jake. Felicia had her latest novel, COUNT ON LOVE, published by the now-renamed CORY-HUTCHINS PUBLISHING COMPANY. She and Sergei are still married. Gary and Cameron are partners. As our story begins, they are out of town, working on a case. They expect to be gone for three or four weeks. Josie was promoted to Detective First Class, and it was hard to tell who was more proud of her, Gary, or Joe. Joe and Paulina have another son, Ryan Gabriel Carlino, who is almost two-and-a-half years old. Dante, now in first grade, adores his little brother. Nick and Remy are engaged, and have been for more than a year now. They were supposed to be married on May 4th, but postponed the wedding due to Jake's death. Grant returned to Bay City, and, somehow (remember, this is Grant !)resumed the office of mayor. Right now, however, he is behind bars, convicted of arson, but not for the Carlino fire. And now, Episode One of BAY CITY FOREVER.


(The scene is Sergei and Felicia's house. Felicia is looking through the mail.)

FELICIA: (thinking) From Adele du Lac. (Opens envelope, removes letter, reads under her breath.) "Dear Ms. Gallant: This is to inform you that I am bringing suit against you for plagiarism," (stops reading) What in the world? I'll have to show this to Cass. (Puts letter in her purse, puts on hat and coat, goes out.)


(The scene shifts to the 2-3. Joe, who has come across something disturbing, walks into the squad room and approaches Josie's desk.)

JOE: Josie, come into my office.

JOSIE: Yes, sir. (She and Joe go into his office. Joe locks the door and closes the blinds.) What's up?

JOE: I've just come across something very disturbing.

JOSIE: What?

JOE: Remember the fire Grant was convicted of setting? There was evidence that put him right at the scene. Well, there was something that always bothered me about that evidence.

JOSIE: What?

JOE: It was almost too easy to find. Well, just today the surveillance tape showed up.

JOSIE: It did:

JOE: Yeah. Somehow it wasn't damaged in the fire, so I figured I should look at it.

JOSIE: (hesitantly) You already watched the tape?

JOE: (sternly) Yes, I did, and it shows somebody planting that evidence after the fire. (sighs) Why, Josie? Why did you frame Grant for a crime he didn't commit?

JOSIE: I thought it was poetic justice. Don't forget, he got away with burning your house to the ground.

JOE: Do you think I could ever forget that?

JOSIE: So what was so wrong about my fixing things so he got convicted this time?

JOE: (even more sternly) Well, Josie, besides letting a man go to prison for a crime didn't commit

JOSIE: But this is Grant we're talking about.

JOE: That doesn't make any difference. You not only framed someone for a crime he didn't commit, but by doing so, you let the real arsonist walk.

JOSIE: (small voice) I never thought about it that way.

JOE: Obviously not! All right. I'm going to the D.A. to get Grant released, and then I have to talk to Internal Affairs.

JOSIE: (hesitantly) Can you keep my name out of it?

JOE: Not this time, Josie. If I did, it would bring this whole department under suspicion, and you wouldn't want that, would you?

JOSIE: No, sir, of course I wouldn't.
JOE: Look, I'll try to get I.A. to let me deal with you. Now, I want you to stay right here until I get back, and, Josie, I want you to do some serious thinking.

JOSIE: Yes, sir. (Joe walks out.)


(The scene shifts to Cass Winthrop's law office. Cass and Felicia are inside.)

FELICIA: So what do I do about this?

CASS: You may not have to do anything. She claims that you stole the plot for COUNT ON LOVE from her online writing journal. Well, the burden of proof is on her to produce that journal, and prove that it was, in fact, online before you wrote your novel. Otherwise, she will never prevail against you in court.

FELICIA: But it could become very public.

CASS: It probably will, but it would be very hard, almost impossible, for her to prove her allegations.

FELICIA: But I want to prove that I didn't steal from her. You know I don't have to steal anybody's ideas.

CASS: Well, if push comes to shove, we'll counter-sue for defamation of character.


(The scene shifts to Joe's office. Josie is there, alone.)
JOSIE: (thinking) I should have known Joe would find out what I did.
(Joe walks in. Josie looks up.)

JOE: Josie, get your coat and come with me.

JOSIE: Where are we going?

JOE: To release Grant, and then you are going to apologize to him.

JOSIE:Apologize to Grant after everything he did?

JOE: No, apologize to him for what you did.

JOSIE: Did you (hesitates) did you talk to I.A.?

JOE: Yes, and they are letting me deal with you.

JOSIE: I really don't want to apologize to Grant.

JOE: I know you don't, but you have to. Now, go get your coat, and let's go.

JOSIE: I just can't apologize to Grant.

JOE: Josie, right now is not a good time to disobey orders. The only reason I.A. agreed to let me deal with you is that I convinced them that you would do whatever I told you to.

JOSIE: (reluctantly) All right. I'll apologize to Grant.



(The scene shifts to the county prison. Joe and Josie are with Grant, who has just been released.)

GRANT: Well, Captain Carlino, I am ready to accept your immediate resignation.

JOSIE: You can't fire Joe! I was the one who (she gulps) I was the one who framed you. Joe went to the D.A. to clear you as soon as he learned the truth. If anyone should resign from the force, it's me.

JOE: Nobody is resigning from the force. Now, Josie, you have something to say to Grant, don't you?

JOSIE: (looks down, mumbles) I'm sorry.

GRANT: You will look directly at me, and speak up, and you will address me as "Your Honor". (Joe looks annoyed.)

JOSIE: (looks at Grant, speaks clearly) I apologize for what I did, Your Honor.

GRANT: Well, I can be magnanimous. You may keep your jobs. However, Captain Carlino, I hope you won't let Detective Sinclair off without appropriate punishment.

JOE: I will deal with Josie, but her punishment will not be any more severe just because you happen to be the mayor.

GRANT: Well, it most certainly should be!

JOE: And it also won't be any less severe because of my personal dislike for you.



(The scene shifts to Joe's office. Joe and Josie are inside, with the door locked and the blinds closed.)

JOE: Now, Josie, do you understand why what you did was so wrong?

JOSIE: I know it was wrong to let the real arsonist walk, but I still think that what I did to Grant was poetic justice.

JOE: Poetic justice is for stories, not for real life. Now, Josie, think about this. When you framed Grant, who were you acting like?<

JOSIE:(small voice) Grant.

JOE: And he's the last person you want to behave like, right, Josie?

JOSIE: Yes, sir.

JOE: And you understand that I have to punish you, because a good cop like you should not have done what you did.

JOSIE: (surprised) You still think I'm a good cop?

JOE: Yes, most of the time. Now, Josie, I am suspending you from the force without pay, and placing you under house arrest.
JOSIE: For how long?
JOE: I think two weeks is enough. You will serve your time in the guest room of my house.

JOSIE: I don't mind staying at your place, with Gary out of town, but must I stay in the bedroom the whole time?

JOE: Except for meals, and a half hour on the porch every day, unless it gets too cold, yes.

JOSIE: In other words, I'm grounded?

JOE: You could say that. Anyway, what is house arrest, if it isn't grounding for adults? Now, I'll need your shield and your weapon. (Josie hands them over and starts blinking back tears.) Look, it's only for two weeks. I.A. wanted to demote you way down.

JOSIE: Like they did to Gary.

JOE: Exactly. I finally managed to talk them out of it.

JOSIE: (small voice, sniffling) Thank you.

JOE: I want you to understand that I'm disciplining you for your own good.

JOSIE: You always say that.

JOE: Because it's always true. Now, let's go to my house, so you can begin serving your sentence.



(The scene shifts to Joe and Paulina's bedroom. Joe and Paulina are in bed, talking.)

PAULINA:(whispering) It will be nice having a guest for two weeks.

JOE:(low voice) Blue Eyes, Josie is not here as a guest. She's being punished, remember?

PAULINA: I know, but is that the only reason you are having her stay with us?

JOE: What do you mean?

PAULINA: Well, you suspended her without pay. Is having her stay here your way of supplying her meals for the next two weeks?

JOE: Maybe that's part of it.

PAULINA: I don't think there's any "maybe" about it. (Sobs are heard from the spare bedroom.) Should I go see what's wrong?

JOE: No, I'll go to her. I'm her captain, and I am the one who is punishing her.

(Goes to spare-room door, knocks.)

JOSIE: (from inside, voice trembling) Come in.

JOE: (opening door) What's wrong, Josie?

JOSIE: (sitting up in bed) Oh, Joe, I- I- I'm sorry. If you had been been fired, and the whole department disgraced, it would have been all my fault. I don't deserve to be a cop.

JOE: Yes, you do, but I'm glad you realize that what you did was wrong. Now don't cry any more. (Josie takes a few deep breaths, and brushes the tears off her face.) That's better. Now, I want you to lie down and go to sleep.

JOSIE: (hesitantly; a bit embarrassed) You won't think I'm babyish if...

JOE: (understandingly) You want me to stay with you until you go to sleep?

JOSIE: Would you? Please?

JOE: Of course I will. (Pulls chair next to bed, sits down, strokes Josie's hair. Josie drifts off to sleep. Joe kisses her very gently, and quietly leaves spare room, walks back to his and Paulina's bedroom.)
PAULINA: How's Josie?
JOE: (getting into bed) Fast asleep.
PAULINA: Tell me something. How do you really feel about what Josie did?
JOE: To be perfectly hones part of me wishes I hadn't learned the truth.


(The scene shifts to the bus depot. A bus pulls in and comes to a stop. Tito comes down the steps. No dialogue)

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