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Part One

"Come on, Dante. You just gotta do it this once, and then you'll be in the club."

Dante looked at the four older boys. What second-grader wouldn't be flattered to be asked to join a club of fifth-graders? But he knew that what they wanted him to do was wrong.

"Look," another boy urged him, "it'll just take a minute, and nobody will ever know you did it."

"That's right. We do it all the time, and we've never been caught. Or are you afraid to take a chance because your Dad is the police captain?"

"No," Dante said, "I don't want to do it because it's wrong."

"Because it's wrong," mocked one of the ten-year-olds.

"He's just chicken," said another.

"No," Dante answered, "I'm not chicken."

"Prove it. Pull the handle."

"No," Dante said, but less firmly. After all, he was only seven, and these ten-year-olds were giving him a chance to be in their club.

The older boys flapped their arms and made bawk bawk bawk noises.

"Is it the club," taunted one of the older boys, "or the chicken coop?"

The boys resumed their chicken imitations.

Was it the chance of being in a club with fifth-graders? Was it the taunting? Dante pulled the alarm.

To be continued

I've purposely left the older boys un-named.