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Episode 73
This episode picks up where the previous one left off.

SCENE ONE (The scene is the courtroom where Kirkland's custody hearing is in progress. Steven and Kirkland enter the courtroom. Steven walks up to Jamie. Kirkland walks up to Judge )
JAMIE: (angry whisper) What are you doing here?

STEVEN: I'm sorry, Dad, but Kirkland said if I didn't bring him, he'd come by himself.

JUDGE: What are you doing here, young man?

KIRKLAND: Why shouldn't I be here? I'm the one you're all talking about.

CASS: Kirkland

KIRKLAND: I'm the one whose future you're deciding. Well, don't I get a say in my own life?

CASS: Kirkland

KIRKLAND: It's not like I'm some naive little kid. I know my father did some bad things, but...

STEVEN: (yells) Some bad things? He--

JUDGE: Be quiet, young man. This is a courtroom, not a basketball court.

STEVEN: I'm sorry, Your Honor, but I want my brother to know what kind of a man Grant is.

GRANT: No, young man, you want him to know your opinion of me.

STEVEN: Not really. I wouldn't use such language in front of him.

KIRKLAND: Will you please let me talk?

GRANT: I, for one, would really like to hear what my son has to say.

JUDGE: Very well. (to Kirkland) You may speak.

KIRKLAND: Thank you, Your Honor. Okay, this is what I want to say. For years, I thought my father was dead. (Looking at Jamie accusingly) You're the one who let me keep thinking that. You burned the letters he sent me! I didn't even know about the letters until my fatehr told me about them.

JUDGE: Hmm. Please go on, young man.

KIRKLAND: And ever since we got back to Bay City, everyone's been keeping me away from my father.

GRANT: My son is right. We haven't even been allowed supervised visits.

STEVEN: (sarcastically) I wonder why!

JUDGE: Young man, do not disrupt us again. Is that clear?

STEVEN: Yes, Your Honor.

JUDGE: Good. (to Kirkland) Go on, please.

KIRKLAND: Like I said, I know my father did some bad things, but he never did anything bad to me personally.

JAMIE: Kirkland, it's time you knew something.

JUDGE: Dr. Frame, please don't interrupt.

GRANT: No, I'd like to hear what the good doctor has to say. Let's get all our cards on the table.

JUDGE: Very well. You may proceed, Dr. Frame.

JAMIE: (addressing Kirkland) Son, this may be a bit hard for you to take.

KIRKLAND: I can handle it.

STEVEN: (Thinking:) I hope so.

JAMIE: Kirkland, when you were a baby, Grant shot himself and made it look as if your mother had done it!

KIRKLAND: I don't believe you! You're just making it up, just like you let me think my father was dead.

STEVEN: He did shoot himself, and as for us letting you think he was dead, Grant did that first when he faked his own death.

KIRKLAND: (turning to Grant, shocked) You faked your death? Why?

GRANT: I did it for you, Kirkland.
SCENE TWO (The scene shifts to the Jasmine Garden. Cecile is at a small table, independently alone, eating moo goo gai pan. Cindy approaches from the left.) CINDY: We're going to have a talk/

CECILE: Are we?

CINDY: (sitting down opposite Cecile)You better believe we are!

CECILE: I'm trying to enjoy a meal, if you don't mind.

CINDY: In that case, I'll get right to the point. Stay away from my man!

CECILE: If you care so much about your man, as you call him, why aren't you with him at the custody hearing?

CINDY: I was just on my way, if that's any of your business. And you, (emphasizing the next four words) stay away from him.

CECILE: You already said that.

CINDY: And I'll say it a third time. Stay away from my husband!

CECILE: I'll stay away from Grant when he tells me to, not before. And I seriously doubt that that's going to happen.

CINDY: Excuse me?

CECILE: Although I can't really blame you for wanting Grant all to yourself. He's good, isn't he? I mean, he's really good.

CINDY: Stay away from him, or you're going to be really sorry.

(The scene shifts to Peggy's bedroom. Peggy is talking on her cell phone)
PEGGY: I've been thinking. (Pause) Those pictures of Sofia Carlino weren't enough. (pause) Does he still have them? (Pause) I know she's not our main target. (Pause) You have pictures of them? (Pause) Are you sure your cousin can do that? (Pause) But will it look realistic? (Pause)Sure, I'd like to put it on the Internet, but what if we got caught? (Pause)You can get him to do that? (Pause) Too bad I won't be able to see it, but that stuff is blocked on my computer. (Pause) My parents, of course!

(The scene shifts to the courtroom)
JAMIE: You did it for Kirkland? His mother almost went to prison for attempted murder! How could that in any way benefit Kirkland?

CASS: Good question. Can you, Mayor Harrison, come up with a good, or even slightly plausible, answer?

GRANT: I felt that he would be better off with me.

CASS:(Sarcastically) Oh, of course. A boy is much better off with a father who shoots himself and, years later, fakes his own death, than he is with a devoted mother!

GRANT: His mother's past was hardly saintly.

STEVEN: Don't talk about my Mom's past, Grant! She's not here to defend herself! And now that I think of it, how do I know you didn't have something to do with her death?

JUDGE: Young man, be quiet. Your mother's death has no bearing on today's proceedings.

CASS: Oh, it most certainly does. If she were still alive, we wouldn't be having these proceedings!

KIRKLAND: (to Grant) I'd like to know why you did those things.

GRANT: As I said, it was so that I could get custody of you.

KIRKLAND: But how, if everyone thought you were dead?

GRANT: I had a plan in motion, but unfortunately, it didn't work out.

CASS: Oh, really? And what exactly went wrong?

GRANT: That's irrelevant.

CASS: Is it? Or do you need time to invent?

GRANT: How dare you!

CASS: How dare YOU pretend you did what you did for Kirkland? Your real purpose was to frame Paulina Carlino for murder.

GRANT: That was merely a means to an end.

CASS: "A means to an end"? Are you telling us that, to use a cliche, the end justifies the means?

GRANT: There is a great deal of truth in that cliche.

JAMIE: Is there? I've always believed that a wrong action is a wrong action no matter what the result.

GRANT: Oh, really? Then how do you justify destroying mail which was not addressed to you?

JAMIE: I did not consider that to be a wrong action. I felt that Kirkland was better off without you in his life. Remember, he was very young when you, ahem, (makes quotation marks with his fingers)died.

JUDGE: I've heard enough.


JUDGE: As I was starting to say, I'm ready to render my decision.

(The scene shifts to The Jasmine Garden) CECILE: Don't threaten me.

CINDY: I'm not threatening you. I'm warning you. Stay away from my man.

CECILE: What makes you so sure he really is your man?

CINDY: Number one, this wedding ring! And number two, and I hate telling you before I tell Grant

CECILE: (interrupting) Hate telling me what?

CINDY: I'm pregnant!

CECILE: (laughs) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

CINDY: What's so funny, Cecile?

CECILE: Let me put it this way. Grant has been very busy lately.

CINDY: (suspiciously) And what is that supposed to mean?

CECILE: Oh, don't be naive, Cindy. I just wonder whose baby will be born first, yours.... or mine.