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BAY CITY FOREVER is rated TV-14 for an occasional mild expletive.
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This slightly change-of-pace episode take the morning after the previous on. All scenes take place at the same time, and have one element in common.


(The scene is the dining room of the Cory-Hutchins mansion. Rachel, Carl, Cory, and Elizabeth are eating waffles.)
RACHEL: So how do you like school so far this year?

CORY: It's okay, I guess. Mr. Williams said we'd be going on a lot of trips.

ELIZABETH: Well, Ms. Pringle said we'd have a lot of art projects.

CARL: I seem to remember that your cousin Dante and his friend Bonnie were in Ms. Pringle's class last year.

CORY: Yeah, Dad, they were.

ELIZABETH: I think it's so great that Dante is still Bonnie's friend. Some of the other kids stopped playing with her after she had that accident.

CORY: And Bonnie still doesn't know who the drunk driver was, does she?

RACHEL: As far as I know, she doesn't.

ELIZABETH: I don't think I'd want to know.

CARL: Speaking of Bonnie, wouldn't it be lovely if she won that clay modeling competition?

RACHEL: Yes, because she definitely shows talent.

CARL: They'll be announcing the results soon, won't they?

RACHEL: Yes, a week from Saturday.

CORY: She likes your sculptures a lot, Mom.

CARL: That's because she has taste as well as talent.

RACHEL: (smiling) Well, to use the word taste in another context, (Cory and Elizabeth look puzzled; they are not familiar with the word "context") suppose we finish these waffles before they grow cold.

(The scene shifts to The Lucky Lady. Cass, Lila, Sergei, Felicia and Derek are at one of the tables, drinking coffee and eating waffles. Etta Mae is at the counter in back. The radio is on, playing smooth jazz.)

FELICIA: We really have to discuss your campaign strategy.

CASS: I know that's been on the back-burner lately.

FELICIA: Lately? Come on, Cass. You announced you were running for mayor, and that was it!

CASS: Well, I've had other things to deal with. Kirkland's custody, for example. That's important, too.

DEREK: That's for sure. Now, I wasn't exactly Jamie's number one fan when he and Vicky were fighting for custody of Steven, but this case is different.

FELICIA: Do you know which judge will be hearing the case?

CASS: Oh, I'm sure it will be one of our current mayor's friends.

FELICIA: Of course it will. Just as I'm sure that Judge Gina What's-her-name is one of his friends.

CASS: Yes, I'm sure Grant or his campaign staff had her bring up my manic-depression in court.

LILA: Talk about mud-slinging!

SERGEI: Yes, it was, what do you say? Filthy politics.

DEREK: Dirty politics, but filthy is a better word for it.

FELICIA: Well, that dirty little trick didn't work. It hasn't come up since then.
(Etta Mae walks up to their table, carrying a folded newspaper)
ETTA MAE: I couldn't help overhearing, and unfortunately, it has come up again. (unfolds paper, shows Cass item)

CASS: (reading out loud) Which mayoral candidate should we elect, the incumbent, Grant Harrison, who has paid for his crimes

SERGEI: (interjecting)Paid for his crimes, my toe!

FELICIA: My foot.

CASS: (continuing) "or Cass Winthrop, who has a history of mental illness? I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally would not want such a person as either my attorney or my mayor."

LILA: Who wrote that?

CASS: (handing paper back to Etta Mae)It's anonymous.

FELICIA: I wouldn't be surprised if Grant or one of his flunkies wrote it.

LILA: It's too bad we can't expose something about Grant that he would rather keep hidden.

DEREK: Maybe we can. Paulina told me about some of the garbage Grant pulled on her and Joe.

CASS: The problem is, Grant would probably spin it to make himself look good.

(The scene shifts to an unnamed luncheonette in Bay City. Donna, Marley, Jamie, Steven and Kirkland are in a booth, eating waffles)
STEVEN: It's too bad Bridget and Michelle aren't here.

MARLEY: Well, I'm sure they're enjoying themselves at the sleepover.

DONNA:I hope so. After all, it's their first.

MARLEY: And they were so excited about it.

DONNA: So when is the hearing?

JAMIE: Next week, but right now let's just enjoy our breakfast.

KIRKLAND: I want to talk about the hearing.

MARLEY: (pouring syrup on her waffles) Don't worry. Grant won't be able to take you away from Jamie.

JAMIE: That's right. Don't forget, Cass Winthrop is handling the case, and he's the best.

MARLEY: And he'll make a great mayor.

DONNA: If he's elected. You know what Grant is capable of.

MARLEY: Well, I'm definitely voting for Cass, and I know you are, too.

DONNA: Yes, and not just because he isn't Grant.

KIRKLAND: I saw something on the computer that said he was mentally unbalanced.

STEVEN: Just because something is on the computer doesn't mean it's true.

DONNA: That's right. People post rumors and outright lies on the Internet all the time.

MARLEY: Like one about Felicia plagiarizing COUNT ON LOVE from somebody's online journal, or the one about Commissioner Walters having an affair. Of course, those two rumors were retracted later on.

DONNA: But how many people actually saw the retractions?

JAMIE: I'm sure a lot fewer than those who saw the rumors.

STEVEN: (thinks) Maybe I could start a rumor about Grant.

(The scene shifts to Nick and Remy's apartment. Nick and Remy are on the sofa in the living room, eating waffles.)

REMY: I'd like to get my hands on the creep who put that video of Aunt Sofia online.

NICK: I'll bet your Dad wants to get ahold of him even more.

REMY: Why would anyone want to post that filth, anyway? Aunt Sofia never hurt anyone in her life, Dad once told me. So who would be out to get her?

NICK: Maybe they're not out to get her.

REMY: You mean...?

NICK: (nods grimly) They're probably out to get your Dad.

(They stop talking to concentrate on their waffles)
REMY: I've been thinking. You know that big wedding Dad wants to give us?

NICK: You want to go ahead with it?

REMY: Yes.

NICK: Then we'll do it.

REMY: And the sooner the better.

NICK: Why the rush?

REMY: Because (pauses a few seconds) I don't know how long it will be before I'd have to waddle down the aisle.

NICK: You mean....?

REMY: (smiling) Yes. I am.