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BAY CITY FOREVER is rated TV-14 for an occasional mild expletive.
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This episode begins a few minutes after the previous one ended.

(The scene is the squad room at the 2-3. Edith is booking Sofia. The woman from the supermarket is also there, making a complaint. They are speaking too low for us to hear. Toni, Josie, and Naomi are watching. To say that they look grim would be an understatement.)

TONI: I sure don't want to have to tell Joe about this.

NAOMI: Well, someone has to.

JOSIE: I'll call him.

TONI: Maybe you should go tell him in person.

NAOMI: I agree with Toni. This isn't the sort of news I'd want to hear on the phone.

JOSIE: You're right. Well, I may as well get it over with.

(The scene shifts to the living room of the Carlino home. Joe, Paulina, and Dante are sitting on the couch.)

PAULINA: Are you sure you can't tell us why you hit Barry?

DANTE: I hit him because he had it coming.

JOE: Maybe he did, but that didn't give you the right to hit him.

PAULINA: And that's why you've been suspended from school.

DANTE: Am I gonna be grounded, too?

JOE: (sighing) I don't know. Your Mom and I want to believe that you had a good reason for hitting Barry, but we need to know what that reason was.

DANTE: I can't tell you, Dad.

PAULINA: Well, maybe if you told us, we could explain to Mrs. Jordan, and she'd drop your suspension.

DANTE: No. I don't want Ms. Jordan to know what Barry said.

JOE: You mean you'd rather just go along with the suspension?

DANTE: Uh huh.

PAULINA: Well, if we promise not to tell Ms. Jordan what Barry said, will you tell us?

JOE: How about it?

DANTE: Well (still reluctant)

JOE: Did he say something that might upset us?


PAULINA: Well, maybe it's something we need to hear.

DANTE: Well, okay. He said (Doorbell rings)

JOE: Oh, great! Perfect timing!

PAULINA: I'll get it. It may be the package I'm expecting. FADE OUT


(The scene shifts to the second grade classroom at Bay City Elementary School. Mrs. Leibowitz is standing at the chalkboard. Bonnie raises her hand.)
MRS. LEIBOWITZ: Yes, Bonnie?

BONNIE: Where's Dante? Isn't he back yet?

MRS. LEIBOWITZ: (speaks sadly) I'm afraid he won't be back for quite some time. He's been suspended.

BARRY:(smugly) Serves him right for hitting me.

BONNIE:(fiercely) You deserved to be hit after what you said!

MRS. LEIBOWITZ: Well, no matter what Barry may have said, Dante was wrong to hit him. (Barry looks smug; Bonnie sighs) However, I will not tolerate name-calling. Is that clear?

CLASS: (except Barry)Yes, Mrs. Leibowitz

MRS. LEIBOWITZ: (emphatically) Barry?

BARRY: (sighs heavily)Yes, Mrs. Leibowitz.

(Bonnie raises her hand)

MRS. LEIBOWITZ: Yes, Bonnie?

BONNIE: May I please leave the room?
Fade out

(The scene shifts to door of the Carlino home. Paulina has just opened the door to Josie)
PAULINA: Hi, Josie. Come on in.

JOSIE: Hi, Paulina. I need to talk to Joe.

PAULINA: Well, we're in the middle of a family problem. Are you sure this is something you can't handle yourself?

JOSIE: (sighs)No, this is something I really should tell Joe.

(Joe walks up to them.)

JOE: Hey, Josie! What's up?

PAULINA: Josie has something to tell you.

JOE: (unsuspectingly) What's up, Josie?

JOSIE: I'm afraid it's bad news.

JOE: Okay, tell me what's wrong.

JOSIE: It's about Sofia.

PAULINA: What happened?

JOE: Is she hurt or something?

JOSIE: No. She's been arrested.

JOE/PAULINA: She's been what????

JOE: All right, why was my sister arrested?

JOSIE: Assault.

PAULINA: You're kidding, right?

JOSIE: I wish.

JOE: I've got to go down to the station.

PAULINA: I know you do.

JOE: Listen, Blue Eyes, just tell Dante there was an emergency at the 2-3 okay?. He's got enough on his plate already.
fade out

(The scene shifts to Mabel Jordan's office at Bay City Elementary school. Bonnie is inside with Mrs. Jordan)

MRS. JORDAN: So that's why Dante punched Barry.

BONNIE: Yes, Mrs. Jordan.

MRS. JORDAN: Well, he certainly had provocation.

BONNIE: I'm not sure what that means.

MRS. JORDAN: It means he had a good reason to be angry.

BONNIE: Oh. So are you going to unsuspend him?

MRS. JORDAN: Reinstate. The word is "reinstate".

BONNIE: Are you going to reinstate him?

MRS. JORDAN: Bonnie, I said that he had a good reason to be angry, but I did not say that it was a good reason for him to hit Barry.


MRS. JORDAN: On the other hand, Dante has enough to deal with without being suspended into the bargain.

BONNIE: So can he come back to school, Mrs. Jordan?

MRS. JORDAN: Well, I'll need to think it over first.

BONNIE: Yes, Mrs. Jordan.

MRS. JORDAN: Go back to your class now, dear. (opens door so Bonnie can wheel herself out)

BONNIE: Thank you.

Fifteen minutes later
(The scene shifts to the second-grade classroom. Bonnie is back at her desk. The door opens and a young woman walks in and hands a note to Mrs. Leibowitz.)
MRS. LEIBOWITZ: Barry, Mrs. Jordan wants to see you in her office.

BARRY: (suspiciously) Why?

MESSENGER: She knows now why the Carlino kid punched you.

BARRY: (gets up, passes Bonnie, speaks in a low voice)You told, didn't you? I'll get you for that!