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BAY CITY FOREVER is rated PG-14 for an occasional mild expletive.
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This episode begins about twenty minutes after the previous one ended.

SCENE ONE The scene is the principal's office at Bay City Elementary school. Joe and Paulina are inside with Principal Mabel Jordan, a rather heavyset woman whose black hair is starting to turn grey. Dante is sitting on a chair, reading a paperback book. We don't see the title.)

MRS. JORDAN: You need to understand, Captain and Mrs. Carlino, that we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fighting.

JOE: Well, I can understand that, but kids will get into fights, and I just don't see the point in suspending a second-grader.

PAULINA: Especially when you consider that Dante has never been in trouble before.

MRS. JORDAN: You are absolutely right. Dante has never been in trouble (pause) before.

JOE: And another thing, Mrs. Jordan. If Dante was fighting, he had to be fighting with somebody. Where's the other kid?

PAULINA: That's what I'd like to know.

MRS. JORDAN: It wasn't exactly a fight. The teacher on playground duty saw Dante punch Barry Peters in the mouth. She did not see Barry hit Dante.

JOE: Could she have missed it? We all know how hectic things can get on the school playground.

DANTE: (getting up and walking over to his parents. We now see that the book in his hand is Henry Huggins, by Beverly Cleary.) Mom, Dad, I hit Barry, but he didn't hit me.

MRS. JORDAN: So you're admitting that you started it, Dante?

DANTE: No, Mrs. Jordan. Barry started it.

MRS. JORDAN: You're telling us that Barry started it, and yet he didn't hit you?

DANTE: Yes, Mrs. Jordan.

JOE: Mrs. Jordan, Dante isn't the kind of kid who just hits someone for no reason. In fact, this is the first time he's ever hit anybody.

PAULINA: That's right.

MRS. JORDAN: Well, Captain and Mrs. Carlino, be that as it may, he did hit someone today, and that is why he's been suspended.

PAULINA: If Dante says he's sorry, will you reconsider?

DANTE: But I'm not sorry. I'm glad I socked Barry.


(The scene shifts to THE JASMINE GARDEN. Lila, Charlie, and Jasmine are at a table, eating spareribs.)

JASMINE: I like coming to this restaurant, because it has the same name as me.

CHARLIE: And the food's good, too. (Picking up sparerib) {Evidently, Charlie is not a vegetarian like her late mother!}

JASMINE: Yeah, but I like the food at CARLINO'S better.

CHARLIE: I wish Dad could've come with us.

LILA: Me too, but he's working on something important.

CHARLIE: Like his campaign?

LILA: No, not right now. This has to do with his work as a lawyer.

CHARLIE: Is it about Kirkland's custody case?

LILA: How do you know about that?

CHARLIE: Kirkland told me.

JASMINE: What's a custody case?

LILA: Okay, you know how your Daddy is really your stepfather, and Matt is your father?

JASMINE: Uh huh.

LILA: And you know how Matt comes to see you, and takes you places?

JASMINE: Uh huh.

LILA: Well, even though Matt is your father, you live with me and Cass, and that's called having custody. It's also called being a family.

CHARLIE: But Dad and Matt didn't fight about you. Jamie and Grant are fighting about Kirkland.

LILA: And your Daddy is going to see to it that Jamie gets to keep Kirkland.


(The scene shifts to Mrs. Jordan's office at Bay City Elementary School.)

MRS. JORDAN: You're glad you hit him? I think you'd better explain yourself, young man.

DANTE: He said something that made me mad, and I socked him.

JOE: Can you tell us what he said?

DANTE: I'd rather not, okay, Daddy?

MRS. JORDAN: Well, it doesn't really matter what Barry said. Hitting is not allowed here, no matter what the provocation. Therefore, the suspension stands, and you will apologize to Barry when you come back to school.

DANTE: (not defiantly, but seriously) No, Mrs. Jordan. I'm not going to apologize to Barry.


(The scene shifts to the supermarket. Sofia is in frozen foods section. She slides open the freezer door, takes out three packages of cauliflower, and places them in her shopping cart.) A woman with light brown hair approaches.)

WOMAN: (Addressing Sofia's back) Excuse me, can you tell me where the laundry products are?)

SOFIA( Turning around) Yes, they're

WOMAN (gasping) My God! It's you! How can you have the nerve to go out in public? But then again, I suppose someone like you wouldn't have any sense of decency!

SOFIA: Excuse me?

WOMAN: My little girl went to her favorite website, a site geared to children, a site that's supposed to be safe, and what did she see? You, you slut, doing the most disgusting

SOFIA: I don't know what you're talking about.

WOMAN: Oh, I think you do. First of all, there was that article about you in THE SIZZLER.

SOFIA: THE SIZZLER? That rag is nothing but trash.

WOMAN: Well, you're also all over the Internet. And to think that your brother is the police captain! (Sarcastically) He must be very proud of you!

SOFIA: Get away from me.

WOMAN: Gladly. But just tell me one thing? How much did those porn sites pay you?

SOFIA: (very angry) How DARE you?

(Camera pans to show Peggy Walters standing a few feet away, listening to this exchange and smiling.)
(As the scene fades out, we hear the sound of a slap.)


(The scene shifts to the squad room of the 2-3. Josie, Toni and Naomi are standing in front of the coffeepot, drinking coffee and eating doughnuts. Edith is at her desk, talking on the phone.)

EDITH: I'll be right there. (Hangs up, starts to walk out.)

JOSIE: Wait a minute, Edith. Where are you going?

EDITH: We just got a complaint, and since I took the call, I think I should handle it.

JOSIE: Not by yourself. You know how Joe feels about that.

TONI: Why don't I go with you?

JOSIE: That would be perfect.

(Toni and Edith walk out. Screen darkens briefly, and then the words TWENTY MINUTES LATER appear.)

NAOMI: Edith and Toni should be back any minute now.

JOSIE: Yes, they (Toni walks in, and she does NOT look happy) What's wrong, Toni?

TONI: You guys are not going to believe this.

NAOMI: Why? What happened?

(Edith walks into the station house. She has someone handcuffed to her, but the camera doesn't reveal who it is.)

JOSIE: Oh, NO!!!!

NAOMI: Oy, gevalt!!!*

(Camera angle widens, and we now see that the person handcuffed to Edith is Sofia.)FREEZE FRAME

* "Oy, gevalt" is a Yiddish expression which basically means, "Oh, NO!!!!" It can also be interpreted as, "Boy, have we got trouble!" This is the most appropriate expression for Naomi to use in the above scene; I am in no way making fun of her religion.