an AU crossover fan fiction

This is a work of fan fiction, written by Rochelle Theresa Brown for entertainment purposes only, and not for profit. All characters not invented by me are the sole property of Procter and Gamble Productions Note 1: I'll be scrambling the time-frames of the storylines and readjusting some relationships for the purpose of this AU fanfic.
Note 2: For the sake of the story, please visualize Grant as played by Mark Pinter.

DELETE THIS PART BEFORE PUBLISHING! Brad and Janet have been married for years. Jack and Carly are married and very happy. Cass and Kathleen are brother and sister. Morgan and Dusty are twins (or just lookalikes?) Cass and Frankie are married. Cass is partners with Tom Hughes Grant is the mayor, but he is good. Joe Carlino is not a cop, but an Elvis impersonator. Dean and Jenna return from a worldwide tour; Dean and Joe compete for the role of Danny Zuko in GREASE Grant and Barbara meet, fall in love, and marry. They honeymoon in Austria, at the Vienna Hyatt


Grant Harrison, the beloved mayor of Bay City, walked into The Harbor Club and headed for his favorite table.
"Hello, Grant," Donna Hudson greeted him.
"Hello, Donna. Is Michael around?"
"No, he's in Chicago on business," Donna said.
"You have a good crowd tonight," Grant commented.
"Yes," said Donna, "especially for the middle of the week." "Is Joe Carlino here yet?"
"He should be here any minute," said Donna.
"Good," Grant said. "I really want to see him."
"Quite a few people do," Donna said.
Janet Snyder, seated at a table for four, said, "Where are they? I thought they'd be here by now."
"Don't worry," her husband said. "They're just as anxious to see Joe Carlino as we are."
"Oh, here they are now," said Janet.
"Hi, guys. Sorry we're late. Thanks for getting the table for us."
"No problem, Bro," Brad replied as Jack and Carly sat down.
"So," Carly asked, "any plans for your anniversary?"
Janet smiled. "We're thinking of renewing our vows."
"And then having everyone over for Janet's famous lasagna," Brad added.

Grant continued his way to his favorite table.
"Hello, Grant," Kathleen Winthrop greeted him.
"Hello, Kathleen. You look lovely tonight."
"Thank you."
"I suppose you're waiting for Cass."
"Yes. We both want to see Joe Carlino."
Grant nodded. "That's why I'm here, too."
Just then, Cass approached the table, leaned over, and kissed Kathleen.
"Hey, Sis," Cass said.
Kathleen smiled. "Hey, Bro!"
Cass turned to Grant. "Is Vicky coming?"
"No," Grant replied. "I tried to talk her into it, but she misses Ryan too much." He sighed and added, "As do I."
Cass nodded. "I know. I miss Frankie." He, too, sighed.
"Of course you miss them," Kathleen said, "but they'll be back as soon as they wrap up that case."